Traditional Repertoires/传统曲目  
1. Lotus《出水莲》
2. Raindrops at Night by the Window《蕉窗夜雨》

3. Water Flowing from a Spring Valley 《春涧流泉》
4. Autumn Moon Over the Han Palace《汉宫秋月》
5. Fisher Man Sining at Dusk 《渔舟唱晚》
6. Best Wishes《四合如意》

1. The Fragrance of Jasmine 《茉莉芬芳》By He Zhanhao                                        ( Live recording with FSU Chamber Ensemble, 2003 )                               

2. Dots.Lines, Convergence by Chihchun Chi-sun Lee《点。线。面》李志纯作曲(Live Premiere Recording with FSU Chamber Ensemble at Carnegie Hall, 2003)

3. DongXiDong Xi, Concerto for Zheng & Percussion Orchestra                                       by Michael Sidney Timpson    With Mccormick Percussion Group (2011)

I. Timpsoni-Timphony

II. Centerpiece, "Drum On Things/Things On Drum"

III. Finale, "After School Rhythmical"